Our Mission

Xceed Ventures was formed to provide growth capital exclusively to the companies that have executed a partnership agreement with Xceed Advisory. Our experience has shown that funding is only part of a wider solution set, thus we provide frameworks to our partner firms to achieve the efficient and strategic deployment of capital. This accelerates business growth while creating a stable pathway to achieve scale.

We are actively looking for partners interested in building their innovations into sustainable global firms that generate wealth by delivering value. Our goal is to foster dynamic growth to help create global firms that are flexible and efficient. The Xceed model is defined by a unique combination of equity investment and advisory services, an initial equity investment is made to catalyze international expansion, with future growth funded by judicious use of internally generated cash flow, debt and bridge financing. This combination has been purposely designed to preserve founder equity and minimize the downside risk of scaling to meet global demand.

Our Investment Philosophy

  • Xceed achieves the maximum impact by helping to bring firms and ideas to scale. This is our key focus when deploying our capital and advisory services.
  • We believe that the best use of capital is to amplify human resources and drive technical innovation, which sets a solid foundation for a higher rate of internal fund generation. This is the path to long term sustainable growth.
  • Money is not an end in itself. Our investment choices are primarily driven by outcomes that will have a positive impact on our world by unlocking value. We know that the market rewards ideas and firms that improve well being.
  • Xceed will consider an investment partnership in any market sector, however, this does not extend to participants in markets with negative social, political, or environmental impact.

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